Driving in the US

Some families  may require their au pair to drive as part of their childcare responsibilities.  Most host families will provide their au pair a car to meet friends during free time, attend monthly LCC meetings, or travel to class. Therefore, it is inportant for families and au pairs to follow specific driving standards such as, making sure the AP is a legal driver and is fully prepared to get behind the wheel, as well as provide proper insurance coverage.

Cultural Care Au Pair strongly urges all au pairs to obtain a state license, as it is the only way to make certain that their ability to drive legally in the state is not called into question.

Most au pairs arrive to the U.S. with a valid home country license and an international driver’s permit (also known as an IDP). It is an au pair’s responsibility to obtain the IDP in her/his home country before traveling to the U.S. The IDP is a translation of the au pair’s home country license. Typically it is valid for one year. The valid home country license and IDP must always be presented together to be used.

Each state has different requirements for overseas visitors who wish to drive. We recommend that au pairs obtain a state license upon arrival. We advise families who require their au pair to drive to contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles as soon as they select their final au pair. Host families who require their au pair to drive are responsible for the cost of obtaining a state driver’s license.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 1:20 PM


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